Prevent Your Facebook Account To Being Hacked 2016

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Prevent Your Facebook Account To Being Hacked 2016
Prevent Your Facebook Account To Being Hacked 2016
Today I'm Telling You That How to protect Your Facebook account from being hacked?

Hacking of Facebook Account 2016
#1. It's very easy to hack a Facebook account If you are ignorant about the page URL. Many phishers around the Web create a page which will exactly look like the Facebook login page. If you log in using that page, Your account will be in the hands of some Tom, Dick or Harry. So always check the URL of the page before logging in.

#2. Visiting Links which are shared by your
Friends. This would be also a cause of Hacking of the Facebook account. So, Double check when you are visiting a link shared by your friends. If you think its a good clean link, then proceed.

Prevent Your Facebook Account To Being Hacked 2016

#3. Do you think, Your Facebook account is being accessed by anyone? Get Notified when your Facebook account is logged in from a different place.

How to do this?

1. Log in to your Facebook account, Clicks on
Account and navigate to Account Settings.

2. Under Account Security, Check Send me an email, If a new computer or mobile device logs into this account. You can also Check Send me a text message If you have added a mobile device.

Additional Tip: Also enable HTTPS secure

#4. Avoid using Spam Applications. Don’t try to use an application which you don’t know or seen some of your friends using. To View/Edit applications which you are using, Go to Applications Settings page.

Additional Tip: Remove Applications which you are not using now.

#5. Always use a complex and very strong
Password. A combination of Alphabets, Numbers and Special Characters is an unbeatable or unguessable password. Avoid using your Name, Girl Friends name, Your Mobile number etc., in your password as these are easily guessable.

#6. Don’t accept requests from the people you don’t know. Avoid adding people you don’t know to your friends list. If he/she is a Mutual Friend then you can add.

#7. Regularly scan your Computer with some Anti-Spyware or Anti-Malware tools. Some of the recommended tools are Panda Active Scan, Trend Micro Housecall Thus these are the 7 Basic as well as Best possible ways for preventing and stopping the Hacking of Facebook Account.

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