[Latest Trick] Check who Visited my Facebook Profile

Check who visited my Facebook profile – Now you can tracks, who checked your FB Profile without any Application

Facebook is world largest social media platform. Billions of people are connected to each other via this communication channel. In many cases, we really need to track our Profile i.e we have to check who visited my Facebook Profile recently.

I know there are thousand of apps which can do this. But in this article I will share a trick which helps you to track the person who checked your FB. Unique phenomena of this trick are, you no need to use any app and no need to pay for this little job.:)
I have seen many times, People are offering money for such tasks. But believe me, it is very simple and easy task. you no need to waste your money on it. you can do this on your own ends in few seconds. Bellow is the full step by step instructions for this trick.
[Latest Trick] Check who Visited my Facebook Profile
[Latest Trick] Check who Visited my Facebook Profile 

Trick to check who visited your facebook profile recently:

  1. Login into your Facebook ID, which you want to track.
  2. Open your timeline page.
  3. Open it page source by right clicking on timeline page and selecting View Page Source.
  4. Now Press “Ctrl+FA Find box will appear. TypeInitialchatfriendslist into the find box and hit enter.
  5. Just after founded text you will see a number of Profiles ID’s Number. Just copy each one and paste it into address bat just after facebook.com/ProfileNumber. Follow the bellow image:
    Check who visited my Facebook profile without any App [howpk.com]
    Check who visited my Facebook profile without any App [howpk.com]
  6. Keep in mind just copy the number string. Skip the number after “-”.
Speak your Minds:
So, this is my small trick to check the persons who visited my Facebook Profile. I hope you like it very mush as it did not require any application to use. So, feel free to share it. If you have the nay question ask it freely via comments. 


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