Today Pakistani Hackers Hacked 20 Chattisgarh Government Websites

Today Pakistani Hackers Hacked 20 Chhattisgarh Government Websites
Today Pakistani Hackers Hacked 20 Chhattisgarh Government Websites
 Pakistan-construct digital programmers in light of Tuesday hacked no less than 22 sites of Chhattisgarh government, including express police’s site.
The hacked sites incorporate,,,,, and numerous others.

Today Pakistani Hackers Hacked 20 Chhattisgarh Government Websites

Pakistani Hackers Hacked 20 Chhattisgarh Government Websites

 The landing page of these sites were mutilated and they showed Pakistan’s banner with a comment saying ‘Rummy Khan was here, Jux a security round’. The sites were later closed around the state government.
On going by Rummy Khan’s Facebook page, it found that he had posted the mirror connection of all hacked sites that checked 24 of them. There were numerous other mirror connections found of hacked sites on Facebook page of Rummy Khan and another programmer of PCA.

Of course, this is not the first occasion when that a Pakistani programmer has hacked Chhattisgarh government site. Prior in July this year, only a day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi dispatched Digital India week to change government through innovation, the official site of National Institute of Technology of Chhattisgarh was hacked and mutilated by Pakistan cyberhacker.
The landing page was damaged with a notice “Hacked Pak Cyber Attackers” and with a motto at the base “Pakistan Zindabad” trailed by “nothing hurt just ruined and erased some powerless records, we are Muslim programmers, we hack for reason, not for no particular reason; get in touch with us.”
Conversing with TOI, cyberexpert Mohit Sahu said, “Group of Pakistan Cyber Attackers (PCA) had hacked site of Kerala government last Sunday deriding at the defenselessness of Indian sites while Modi has been advancing about going computerized. They undermined that Indian sites will be trolled till Modi cases of advanced India.”
After Kerala government’s webpage was hacked, Indian programmers in countering had hacked around 250 critical sites of Pakistan government including Pak telecom power and others.
The hacking activated whirlwind of online action prompting cyberwar between the two and Chhattisgarh sites turned into the following focus for Pak programmers, Mohit said. ‘The Mallu Cyber Soldiers’ New World Hacktivists, Hell Shield Hackers and Interanon are few of the Indian digital fighters or programmers.
“Indian sites falls behind in security and it is not esteemed as it expenses them more to contract a specialist. Every one, each organization, foundation has a site, which gives an upbeat chasing ground for Pak programmers.
It’s actual Indian kids’ noob hits Pak locales, yet they have a lower strike rate. Government sites utilization open source devices like drupal, jumla and wordpress to construct their sites, yet never overhaul it even after messages streak on the screen. The head doesn’t en accident modules or patch bugs.”
Mohit clarified that the server for Choice and police offices were same and associated with a few different sites, that is the reason the programmer succeeded in hacking such a variety of locales in the meantime. “What’s more, regardless of the fact that they are recouped, the destinations can be hacked again because of low security. as they did with NIT site.”
Mohit said that if India expects to go advanced, it ought to additionally be arranged for the digital fight and ought to be outfitted with security and digital specialists. Give Your Valuable Feedback Regarding This Topic!

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