How To Remotely Control One Android With Another

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For Android users we are here with Remotely Control One Android with Another. Today million of people are using android device and they love to download and install new apps in their android device but sometime you really miss out some cool apps that can really customize your android. Now taking about remote control access, yes you can easily control one android device with another using cool apps that we are going to discuss here. With this remote control access you can solve out problems of your friends, relatives and employees etc by just remotely accessing their device from yours. So have a look on complete guide below to control another android device with yours.

How To Remotely Control One Android With Another

This method can be done using some best apps that will provide you the remote access of another android and you can have complete privilege to access all the service of that android. So have a look on these Best remote control Access Apps below.

3 Best Remote Control Access Apps To Remotely Control Another Android:

#1 Team Viewer

As many of you familiar with this name as its the one of the best app for accessing another PC from one and similarly its android version helps you to control one android from another. The user interface of this app is cool and you need user ID and Password of another android to have complete access over it using this app.11


This is also a good app by using which you can control another android device from yours. In this app you can fix out many problems of any another android using your android device. Also this app is perfect for any office team work or any team discussions on certain apps etc.

#3 RemoDroid

This is very popular apps that helps you to control another android device using your one.This is a remote control app, which allows you to control Android devices with any other Android phone, PC or Mac.The App is currently in a beta state, that means it is buggy I’might not work with all devices.The app is mainly developed for remote control of Android TV sticks but as well works with a wide range of smart phones and tablets.33

#4 ScreenShare (Tablet)

ScreenShare enables wireless sharing of videos, music, photos, web pages and many types of documents from your phone to your tablet. This app is offered free of charge in order to serve as a reference implementation for Spring Design and its parent company’s patents with multi-screens applications.44

#5 Android VNC Viewer

This is another best app to have access over other android device or say VNC server. This apps provides lots of features like  Import/export settings, save connection information, zoom control, keyboard and mouse control, connect to any machine running a VNC server and lots more which you will get to know after using this app.55

So above is all about How To Remotely Control One Android With Another. With the apps discussed above you can easily control android tablet or phone from another very easily. And with that you can help others solving their device problems and sharing some cool things remotely. Hope you like these apps, send us your feedback in the comment box below about our work.

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