How To Allow Only Selected Device To Connect To Wifi Network

How To Allow Only Selected Device To Connect To Wifi Network

Today we are here with a cool way to secure your wifi network from others by Allowing Only Selected Devices To Connect To Your Wifi Network. Today almost 3 out of 5 person is having their personal wifi network at their home and other places like on work places and all other. And today there are many which always tries to use others wifi networks, by cracking their key or by any other method. So we have a cool trick by which you can only allow our personal device to connect to your wifi network. So have a look on complete method below to proceed.

How To Allow Only Selected Device To Connect To Wifi Network

With this method you will be allowing only your personal devices to be connected to your wifi network and all other device will not get connected to the wifi network although if they have password too. So just follow some simple steps below to proceed.

Steps To Allow Selected Devices To Get Connect On Wifi:

  1. First of all you need to connect your PC to wifi network where you want to implement this.
  2. Now in your Web browser, enter the router’s IP address,that will be either orhttp:// by default or you can get it by entering ipconfig command in CMD.
  3. Now enter the username and password of your router connection there.
  4. Now there in router settings go to Advanced > Wireless Settings.
  5. Now there click on Setup Access List to open the Wireless Card Access List.
  6. Now click on add button to add the device to connect with wifi.
  7. Now you will be entering the MAC address and name of device that you want to allow on that network.
  8. You can get the MAC address of your Android in About Phone in Settings. And in PC you can find it in by entering ipconfig /all in CMD and note down the Physical address.
  9. Check the Turn Access Control on.
  10. Thats it you are done, Now only the selected device will be allowed to connect to the wifi network.

So above is all about How To Allow Only Selected Device To Connect On Your Wifi. With this you can secure your wifi network from others. And save lots of bandwidth that will get devided when other persons access your wifi network. So implement this MAC Filter process today. Hope you like this cool post, do share it with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries.

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