How to Use Cool & Funky Fonts on WhatsApp, Facebook

Today we all are more busy in the virtual world than the real world. As we keep on sharing whatsapp messages, facebook status and lots more. Their use are increasing day by day. And the person is only smart when he/she is smart in this virtual world. So we are here with the trick which can show your smartness in whatspp messages and in facebook status etc. That is you can Write WhatsApp Messages & Facebook Status using Cool & Funky Fonts. In your smart device you can easily implement this. And the method is very simple and you just have to follow it below.

WhatsApp Messages & Facebook Status In Cool & Funky Fonts

This method works in android and with a cool application that will give you awesome fonts that you can share on whatsapp messages and can share facebook status in that fonts. just follow some simple steps below to proceed.

How to Use Cool and  Funky Fonts on WhatsApp,Facebook Status or Messages:-

  1. First of all in your android device download and install the app Cool Fonts Application.
    Developer: AadiTechSoft
    Price: Free 

  2. Now launch the application in your android device.
  3. Now you will see the list of cool fonts that are available in the app, select any of your favorite font.4
  4. Now write your desired message or status that you want to share on whatsapp or facebook.
  5. Now you will see a direct import button for facebook and whatsapp, just tap on it whereever you want to share.
  6. Now the cool text with cool font get pasted in your whatapp or facebook and you can share it with your friends.3
  7. Thats it you are done, now you can use this method everytime you want to share some cool messages in cool attractive fonts.
So above is all about How To Write WhatsApp Messages & Facebook Status using Cool & Funky Fonts. Use this method to make your friends shock watching your messages and status in attractive fonts that you will select in the app discussed below. Also you can copy a message, choose a font and then paste on keypad to save time of typing the message. Hope you like this cool article, share it with others too and Leave a comment below if you have any related queries.

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