How to Hack Facebook Password

Need to Hack Someone’s Facebook Password?
Here’s a Complete Guide on Possible Ways to Hack Facebook!
How to Hack Facebook Password

Being one of the most widely accessed social networking sites, Facebook has also become a popular place for many to exchange secret messages and manage illicit relationships. Therefore, it’s no wonder many people make up their minds to hack the Facebook password of their loved ones. May be you’re in a similar situation or just want to hack the password of any Facebook account, this article will surely help you out.
Every day, I get a lot of requests from people to hack Facebook passwords of their spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend so as to reveal their secret relationships if any. Even though I strongly deny any such requests, in order to keep the knowledge free I have decided to write down this post using which you can easily manage to hack the Facebook profile of your choice.

Possible Ways to Hack a Facebook Password:

With my experience of over 10 years, I can tell you is that there are only TWO ways to successfully hack a Facebook password. Let me explain:

1. Keylogging – The Easiest Way!

Keylogging refers to simply recording each and every keystroke that a user types on a specific computer’s keyboard. This can be done using a small computer program called keylogger (or spy software). Once installed, a keylogger will automatically load from the start-up, runs in the invisible mode and start capturing each and every keystroke including passwords of Facebook, email or any other online account.
Since keylogger requires no special skills to install and use, it is the easiest way to hack a Facebook password. I recommend the following keylogger program as the best one to gain access to Facebook or any other online account:
Why Realtime-Spy is the Best?
The following unique features make Realtime-Spy the TOP choice among users:
    Realtime-Spy can be installed on remote computers. This makes it possible to hack the Facebook password even if the target user is miles away from you.
    Captures Facebook password in a complete stealth mode and remains undetected. Hence, you need not worry about getting caught or being traced back.
    Realtime-Spy is a very small program, installs in a few seconds and is extremely easy to use even for newbies.
    Fully compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32 and 64-bit) and Mac.

How it Works?

To hack the Facebook password, all you need to do is just install Realtime-Spy on the target computer. When the target user logs into his Facebook account from this computer, the login details (username and password) are captured and uploaded instantly to the Realtime-Spy servers. You can later access the stored logs to obtain the Facebook password.

Download Realtime-Spy – for Windows
Download Realtime-Spy – for Mac

For Mobile Facebook Users:
To hack the Facebook password of mobile users, there is a mobile version of this program called “Highster Mobile”.
Download Highster Mobile – for Mobile Devices
Supported Phones: Android, iPhone, iPad and Tablets.


2. Phishing – The Difficult Way:

The other common way to gain access to Facebook profile is via Phishing. This method will make use of a fake login page (spoofed web page) which will exactly resemble the original one. Say for example, a spoofed web page of Facebook looks exactly same as that of the original Facebook website. This page is actually created by the hacker and is hosted on his own server. Once the victim enters his/her Facebook password on such a fake login page, the login details are stolen away by the hacker.
Phishing requires specialized knowledge and high level skills to implement. Therefore, it would not be possible for a noob user (perhaps like you) to attempt this trick. It is a punishable offense too. So in order to successfully hack the Facebook password, I recommend the usage of keylogger as it is the easiest and the safest way.

Why do People Want to Hack Facebook Passwords?

You many wonder why people want to hack the password of someone’s Facebook account. There may be varying reasons behind the such attempts. In most cases people attempt to gain access to the Facebook profile of their boyfriend or girlfriend so as to find out what is going on behind the scenes. These days parents are also concerned about their child’s Facebook activity and would like to monitor them by gaining access to their Facebook accounts. A husband or wife may try to obtain the password and gain access to a suspicious partner’s Facebook account and so on. While most people have a strong motive behind their need to hack passwords, there are a few who also hack Facebook password just to exhibit their skills.

Facebook Hacking Methods that Do Not Work:

  1. Many scam websites promise you that it will crack and deliver the Facebook password upon payment or completing a free survey. If a website asks you to complete a survey to download the hacked Facebook password, it is nothing more than a scam. At the end of survey, instead of getting the Facebook password of the target Facebook user all you get is a junk file!
  2. There is no ready-made software program that is available to crack Facebook password (except the keylogger). In fact, keyloggers are pretty generic and are designed to log the keystrokes of a specific computer which in turn can be used to hack Facebook passwords.
  3. It is no longer possible to use conventional methods like brute-force approach to crack Facebook password. This is because big time players like Facebook have employed tight security measures to protect themselves against any such password hacking attempts. Since Facebook has millions of users, they take every possible security measure to safeguard their accounts which otherwise could cause a severe impact on their business. So, if you come across any website teaching such age old tricks, please be assured that they cannot be successful against Facebook.

Common Myths About Hacking Facebook Password

Unlike what many scam websites claim, Facebook website or Facebook servers do not contain any flaw that allows hackers to crack its password. The only Facebook hacking method that can give you the password is keylogging and phishing. None of the other methods is known to obtain the password for you!



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