How to recover hacked Facebook account

Facebook is one of the biggest social networking website. If your Facebook account has been hacked then it is very important to recover it as soon as possible to minimize the damage.

So, here are some effective tips to get your Facebook account back: 

Submit Report to Facebook

The first and foremost task is to report Facebook team about the hacking of your Facebook account so that they can take immediate steps to protect it. Follow following steps:

  1. Go to the Facebook Account Compromise Reporting Page

  2. Click the “My Account is Compromised” button

  3. On “Find Your Account” page, you need to identify yourself. At the provided box, enter your email, registered phone number, user name or full name. Now, click the “Search” button.

  4. Follow the instructions provided to report your account as compromised.

  5.  Now, after following the recovery steps, you will be able to gain access of your account back. You might have got verification/password-reset link via email, verification code via SMS on phone that helped you to reset your Facebook password again.

  6. If the verification code/link just provided you the access of your account, it is recommended to change your Facebook password immediately. You can do this by visiting your “Account Settings”.

  7. Now visit Facebook Privacy Settings page, click on “Apps and Website” and delete all the suspicious apps that hacker have used to hack your account by clicking “Edit Settings” and then “X” under “Apps You Use” section

  8. Check your activity log to know locate any suspecious activity done by the hacker using your account for example commenting, status updates, post on friend’s timeline etc.

  9. Inform your friends and followers that your account was hacked and if someone sent them any message or suspicious links then don’t click those links.

If your personal information has been changed.

If hacker changes your password then it will be difficult to recover your account. When you will not be able to enter into your account then go to “Forget Password”. Here you will be asked for some information and if you give those information correctly then you can get back your account. If you are not able to enter into your account by using your mail address or phone number then you can take help from your friend. They will get security code from Facebook and use that code to get back your Facebook account.
Many hackers change the personal information inside the victim’s Facebook account such as Friends removal, password, email change etc. It makes recovering Facebook account much more difficult for victim the above step will become useless.

Ask Friends To Report Your Account as Hacked

If your concern is somebody misusing your Facebook profile, and all the above methods are not working for you,  ask your friends to report your profile to Facebook, so that they can disable it. You can contact your Facebook friends and request them to “report your Facebook account” option at your Facebook timeline or by clicking down-arrow at any post updates done by your hacked Facebook account.
The reporting procedure is somewhat slow and one-two reports are normally ignored by the team but if more people report your account suspicious, Facebook will take it the issue seriously.

Here is a useful image which shows how Facebook reporting works.  

Facebook Spam Reporting Guide (Click to enlarge image)

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