Hack a Computer Using Ardamax Keylogger

Hack a Computer Using Ardamax Keylogger
Hack a Computer Using Ardamax Keylogger
Hacking Computer with Ardamax Keylogger is easy and made simple, You can download the cracked version from Torrent sites, I will suggest you some guide for installing and how to protect it from already infected backdoor inside ardamax keylogger.

First Download that keylogger from Torrents sites with cracked version and licenced so it will be very helpful if you have the key and cracked version.
You should install oracle or VM-ware workstation for installing other windows xp/7 iso it will be better to create a client infection for Ardamax form other machine, so your personal data will be much protected, if you have other system you can use on other computers or servers,

So the tutorial begins here now…
Procedure :-

1. After installing  Ardamax keylogger, select and right  click Ardamax keylogger icon from your tasks bar. Now select enter registration key , then put in the name and the serial number which you will get from the downloaded software folder

2.  Now right click Ardamax keylogger icon and select  remote installation, click next two times check all  the boxes as shown then finally click next

3. Now click enable and enter a password so that no one can open the keylogger then click next  three times, check “send logs every ” and set your time say 5 min , Then select delivery method as Ftp, finally click next
 4. Now enter your ftp account details which you created earlier in my case in enter Ftp host –ftp.drivehq.com ,remote folder -/logs ,user – test, Finally click next5.  Now check all the boxes and click next, set your time for capturing thescreen shots, then click next, If you want you can also change the icon by selecting change icon as shown. Finally select next and click finish 
6.  If you’ve done all the steps correctly, you should get a server file (keylogger file ) , But this server file can be easily detected by anti -viruses , So to bypass anti viruses we need to bind and crypt the file ,So to do this open your crypter software (which you downloaded earlier) Now select file 1 as the server file (key logger file which you created) and then select file 2 as any application, select a good application(select a PDF  file for best performance)finally click Crypt file, Now you will get a crypted server file ( key logger file ) which isFUD  ( I.e ) Fully undetectable by anti viruses 

7.  Now send the fully undetectable Server file(keylogger file ) to your victim via email or upload it to any site and ask the victim to download the file.Once the victim clicks the application .Ardamax keylogger will  automatically install and will send logs(containing facebook password email passwords ,chat logs ..etc) to
your ftp account .You can view your victims logs by going  to your ftp account

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