Airtel Free Internet Tricks March 2015

Here is the Airtel 2G/3G Tricks 2015 : Airtel Free Internet Tricks March 2015 Airtel Fre Internet tricks is most searchable keywords on Internet. We all know airtel provides best high speed 3g services in India. Our many user demands they want free 3G Internet Tricks March 2015 or Android Mobile and PC. So In this post we post some best tricks and tips for for running your 3G Internet in Airtel without Pay any type of money. You see many post on Internet about Free 3G airtel internet tricks for android and PC but none of them works. In this we post we clearly describe why these tricks not works in your mobile and PC. Airtel Free 3G Internet Tricks March 2015

Airtel Free Internet Tricks March 2015

Airtel Free Internet Tricks March 2015
Airtel Free Internet Tricks March 2015

Here we post Airtel Free 3G Internet Tricks March 2015 method for blocked and normal airtel. If 
you want free 3g internet for your airtel sim then follow our article for your Free Internet Dream.

Airtel Free Internet Tricks March 2015 for #Android

Start server you got free 3g Internet on any airtel sim with this trick. This trick is not working in all states. Now here we mention some states like UP, Rajasthan, Maharastra, Gujrat, Delhi, Punjab, Kolkata, MP and Kerala. I don’t know about other states try in your states if this free airtel 3g internet trick March 2015working in your states please comment your states name , we update this post.

Airtel Free Internet Tricks March 2015 for #PC and Desktop

Now what about PC.

  • For PC you need to download PD -Proxy Software in your Computer. This is 2mb software , download pd-proxy software from official website.
  • Make your account on Pd-proxy website and run Pd-proxy software from  your username and password.

Airtel Free Internet Tricks March 2015 : Now you need to know this whole trick is provide you only 100MB/daily in 3g and 2g. Never search for pd-proxy crack ,voucher codes and premium account. Because all trick on Internet with this searches are fake. So I suggest you If you get free 100MB daily internet on your Airtel sim, buy premium account. If you don’t know how to do this contact. I feel very greatly to help you.


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  2. Thanks for sharing the Airtel internet tricks for Andriod and PC. Hope it work for everyone.


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