How to Deactivate Whatsapp Account

How to Deactivate Whatsapp Account
How to Deactivate Whatsapp Account
 Whatsapp messenger is the most popular mobile messaging app used by all of us daily. There might me a situation during exam days or while doing some important work where you need to deactivate whatsapp account. First you need to understand what deactivation of Whatsapp means. Deactivating Whatsapp Account is not the same as the Facebook deactivate feature rather it means you could put your Android whatsapp in a hibernate stage or non-active mode using Greenify app. You would not receive any new message notification but when you would open your whatsapp Application manually you will receive all your notifications as normal. To understand it in deep have a look at how whatsapp messaging works.

How whatsapp Messaging works ?

The working of whatsapp cloud messaging is quite simple. When  a user sends a message to another user first the messages reaches the whatsapp servers and then reaches the user whom the messages have to be delivered. Whatsapp shows different check-marks next to the each message you send. Each of them have some different indication. The first single check marks indicates that the message has been successfully sent. Double check marks shows the successfully delivery of message to the other user. In latest update whatsapp has also introduced blue ticks which shows that your message has been read by the other user.
If the message has been sent by the sender at and the recipient phone is switched off/flight mode or doesn’t have a data connectivity and the receiver switches on his phone at 4 pm then the message would be delivered at 4 pm and you would see double ticks. This is all how whatsapp messaging works.

Deactivate Whatsapp account using Greenify

Greenify android application hibernates the android application from working. But when you manually open the application it then would start working as normal. We would use this application to deactivate whatsapp account. You might be thinking an easy way to stop whatsapp notification is to put your mobile data off and there would be no need of Greenify app. But disadvantage of it would be  that it would also stop your other apps and mobile browser from getting data connectivity and many times during study you need to search about a particular topic. That’s why Greenify app is a hassle free option to deactivate whatsapp during the time you don’t need it.

Steps to Deactivate Whatsapp account

  • Search Greenify app from the Google play store or use the below link
  • Open The Greenify application and tap on the + button to add whatsapp to hibernate mode. this would show the various list of apps currently working at background. Choose whatsapp from the list .Check out the screenshots to understand better.
How to Deactivate Whatsapp Account
How to Deactivate Whatsapp Account
  •   Tap on the hibernate button to deactivate whatsapp account. That’s all whatsapp notations will not received until you manually open the whatsapp app.

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