Using This Website

Using This Website
Using this website
The aim of this website is to educate the user about the several vulnerabilities, flaws and loopholes that exist in numerous computer softwares, programs, websites and operating systems, how the so called "BlackHat" hackers may exploit them for personal gains and how to protect against them.
In this website, I will show you all of these hacks, how they work and how to perform them. These include but are not limited to - Hacking WiFi Passwords(Any password actually), Shutting down Websites, Creating and Spreading RootKits, Viruses and Trojans, deploying remote keyloggers, administration tools and much more.

Being a (mostly) text-based website, it is meant to be used as a reference. It can be used for gaining knowledge or if you want to perform the various hacking techniques discussed in the website then you need a working Computer system (in some cases with internet). The tutorials are written to be as user-friendly as possible, such that following them and actually doing the steps yourself is a smooth and easy process. This website is mainly aimed towards the beginner looking for a way into the supposedly intangible world of Hacking, but it can be used by experience hackers also as a quick reference tool.
Whether you're on the road or in front of a computer, the tutorials, categorized in an intuitive and easily understandable way- are all available offline.

I've written these tutorials in the so called "CookBook" fashion, meaning every tutorial is independent of every other tutorials, the user may start and stop anywhere as they please. But I suggest the beginner to go along with the order of difficulty. If ever you feel the need for a heads up or to refresh your knowledge head over to the FYI section, otherwise you may also contact me at anytime.(For my contact information, look into the "More" section)

What prompted me to make this website?
On a seemingly unrelated note, personally I believe that the well known "Nuclear Test Ban Treaty" - adopted by the United Nations is highly unfair. (Basically, this treaty bans the testing of Nuclear weapons). I'm not saying we should go about blasting H-Bombs everywhere. I believe it should be replaced with a "Nuclear weapon ban" treaty instead. Right now, the nations who already have well developed nukes can sit happily feeling well protected, while those who don't end up in a position of vulnerability and insecurity. I believe in universal equality. Everyone should be equal. Having a bigger gun than the other guy, means peace for you, not him.

What does all this has to do with making a 'Hacking Tutorials' website?
If guns don't kill people, hacking does no harm either. Although it does have the potential to swing both ways, I believe the pros far outweigh the cons. A little bad for the greater good. We can't control what the bad guys do but we can make sure we are ready to strike back, fight fire with fire and do everything we can to defend ourselves.
This is where this website comes in. The general consensus among the world today is that Hacking is something bad, illegal, almost taboo. Those who do use hacking for bad purposes end up spoiling the name of the entire community. With this website, I hope to popularize and make open to all - The tricks and secrets of the supposedly elusive world of Hacking. With this website, I hope to spawn and provoke cyber security experts throughout the world to join hands to design and implement more secure systems to make our world a little bit safer. With this website, I hope that one day each and every one of the hacking techniques discussed here is no longer viable.

Faith in Humanity __________ 

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